Blue Sapphire 1.4 CT

Blue Sapphire 1.4 CT

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  • Gem type: Blue Sapphire
  • Weight: 1.4 CT
  • Dimensions (mm): 7.9 * 6.1 * 3.2
  • Colour: Blue
  • Shape and Cut: Oval Shape & Mixed Cut
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
SKU: SB0001

Additional details

Delve into the enchanting world of the Blue Sapphire, a gemstone renowned for its celestial beauty. Weighing a delicate 1.4 carat, it measures 7.9 by 6.1 by 3.2 millimeters, embodying a perfect balance of grace and allure. Its mesmerizing blue hue, reminiscent of the vast depths of the ocean, captivates the beholder, drawing them into its spellbinding depths.

Fashioned into an exquisite oval shape with a meticulous mixed cut, each facet of this gemstone reflects and refracts light, creating a dazzling display of brilliance. Its origin can be traced back to the mystical lands of Sri Lanka, where ancient traditions intertwine with natural wonders to create treasures of timeless allure.

Whether set in a regal ring, a dazzling pendant, or cherished in its raw form, the Blue sapphire is more than a gemstone; it’s a symbol of elegance, wisdom, and divine beauty. Embrace its enchantment and let its celestial charm illuminate your path with every glance.

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